La Villa Belle Ombre Guest House in Cape Town

We do love Cape Town !….
and we are is very happy to welcome you in our lovely city, Cape Town.

At Villa Belle Ombre, we will not be the only one to tell you that our city is the best place in the world; the 2014 New York Times ranking says the same. Cape Town appears to be the perfect place to “Witness a city in transformation, glimpse exotic animals, explore the past and enjoy that beach before the crowds.”
You will never be bored here; there are too many things to do, too many things to see, too many things to experience!
From the modern atmosphere of the Waterfront to the vintage appearance of the Old Cape Town, via Camps Bay where you will feel like in Miami, Cape Town is an always changing place with multiple faces. When you think that you have experienced everything, you discover something new.

Perfect for nature lovers, with its numerous hikes, paragliding spots, amazing views.
Perfect for fashion addicts, with its lovely shops and the feeling of creativity and freedom that you feel everywhere.
Perfect for children with all the opportunities provided to discover exotic animals and flowers.
Perfect for people who want to enjoy the beaches, the nice restaurants and the endless parties.

In fact, perfect for everyone!
At Villa Belle Ombre Guest House, we would be glad to help you to find the perfect activities and places for you; do not hesitate to ask us all your questions! We even did a city guide, just for our guests!!

You are welcome home !